Sagiada Thesprotia belongs to the Municipality of Filiates, consists of several former communities and is located in the Prefecture of Thesprotia. Permanent residents are over 590 and stand out because Epirus has the best reputation as “fishing village”. Many people visit the area to practice the fishing hobby, enjoy the delicious fresh fish at the barbecues of the village, and why its sights are unique (eg the ruined village of Lipsi). Scaloma, the picturesque harbor, is also best known for those who enjoy vacations in the Ionian Sea. And the reason is obvious, since it is possible to taste fresh fish in its picturesque taverns.

Also, it is worth visiting the Old Sagiada which is above its current location, since from there the beauty of the Ionian Sea combined with the deserted city is magnificent. Finally, let’s note that during the year there are several festivals in the area, but notable is the “Fish Fest” organized on the beach of Sagiada every summer (August).

Source: www.thesprotia3d.gr

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