Archaeological Museum

The permanent collection of the Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa includes exhibits that cover a long period of human presence in Thesprotia, from the Middle Palaeolithic (100,000 years before present) until the period of the Ottoman rule (19th cent. AD).

The majority of the exhibits falls into the Hellenistic period (330/325 – 167 BC), a flourishing one for the thesprotian cities, represented by numerous sites, as well as into the Roman period, which starts with the defeat of Perseus at the battle of Pydna (168 BC) and the consequent destructive campaign of the Roman general Aemilius Paulus in Epirus in 167 BC and ends with the separation of Epirus into Old (Epirus Vetus) and New (Epirus Nova) and the gradual prevalence of Christianity.

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Source: igoumenitsamuseum.gr

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